Empower’s mission is to break down barriers to women’s success by creating a community of individuals and organizations working together to unleash the impact of women in business.



Focused on the individual, Discover provides development tools for career growth to build a gender-balanced pool of leaders who can create and sustain a positive culture.

Through Discover, you join a community that utilizes participatory learning techniques and methods to deliver state-of-the-art learning programs.

When you participate in Discover, you gain access to mentors, training courses, programs, blogs and resources addressing women’s goals related to professional development and their perspectives on emerging topics.



Focused on driving company initiatives, Connect partners with other organizations to expand beyond its existing internal network to develop bonds and impact change across our shared ecosystem of women leadership.

Through Connect, you have access to a wide range of enterprise cultures and their individuals from diverse backgrounds anytime, anywhere, through our shared global platform.

When you participate in Connect, you spread awareness of our combined support of women with a global community of leaders.



Focused on the community we live in and the world around us, Impact provides opportunities to work with socially responsible programs and organizations that benefit the global community.

Through Impact, we demonstrate how working together in a diverse and inclusive community inspires better outcomes than could otherwise be achieved.

When you participate in Impact, you will interact with others to bring about positive changes to the world we share, live and work.




Educational Opportunities
Deliver training opportunities to educate organizations and empower women in their careers.

Mentorship Programs
Provide unique perspectives by connecting women from different backgrounds and organizations.

Learning Resources
Curate high-quality programs related to women’s priorities as well as emerging topics.