The finance industry includes a broad spectrum of entities such as banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate firms, engaged in the funding and money management for individuals, businesses, and governments. Besides data security concerns, financial institutions face unique issues such as heavy reliance on traditional mainframe systems, cyber and technology risks, compliance issues, increasing competition, and customer expectations. By modernizing and digitally transforming financial systems to move to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, financial institutes can mitigate these issues and provide more value to their customers.

With digital transformation, financial institutions can leverage the speed and security of the cloud and use its capabilities to offer differentiated customer experiences, manage risks, and fight fraud. To learn more, visit Azure for financial services. Banking and capital market institutions can drive innovative cloud solutions with Azure; learn from relevant use cases and documentation at Azure for banking and capital markets. Microsoft also provides a complete set of capabilities across various platforms in the form of Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services.

Architectures for finance

The following articles provide a detailed analysis of architectures recommended for the finance industry.

Architecture Summary Technology focus
Decentralized trust between banks Learn how to establish a trusted environment for information sharing without resorting to a centralized database, in banks or other financial institutions. Blockchain
Replicate and sync mainframe data in Azure Replicate and sync mainframe data to Azure for the digital transformation of traditional banking systems. Mainframe
Modernize mainframe & midrange data End-to-end modernization plan for mainframe and midrange data sources. Mainframe
Refactor IBM z/OS mainframe Coupling Facility (CF) to Azure Learn how to leverage Azure services for scale-out performance and high availability, comparable to IBM z/OS mainframe systems with Coupling Facilities (CFs). Mainframe
Banking system cloud transformation on Azure Learn how a major bank modernized its financial transaction system while keeping compatibility with its existing payment system. Migration
Patterns and implementations in banking cloud transformation Learn the design patterns and implementations used for the Banking system cloud transformation on Azure. Migration
JMeter implementation reference for load testing pipeline solution Learn about an implementation for a scalable cloud load testing pipeline used for the Banking system cloud transformation on Azure. Migration
Real-time fraud detection Learn how to analyze data in real-time to detect fraudulent transactions or other anomalous activity. Security

Solution ideas for finance

The following are some additional ideas that you can use as a starting point for your finance solution.

  • Auditing, risk, and compliance management
  • Business Process Management
  • HPC System and Big Compute Solutions
  • HPC Risk Analysis Template
  • Loan ChargeOff Prediction with Azure HDInsight Spark Clusters
  • Loan ChargeOff Prediction with SQL Server
  • Loan Credit Risk + Default Modeling
  • Loan Credit Risk with SQL Server
  • Unlock Legacy Data with Azure Stack