Over the next three years, global data creation is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes. One zettabyte is approximately a trillion gigabytes. To visualize it, let’s turn a gigabyte into a brick. 180 zettabytes would build around 46,475 Great Walls of China.

Organizations that can connect and use their data are more resilient and adaptable, driving sustainable growth. But how? We’ve identified three ways your organization can leverage data insights to turn into action.

The hybrid world of work

We all have a lived experience of hybrid working, and it’s here to stay. In our latest Work Trend Index, we found that:

53% of people are likely to consider transitioning to hybrid in the year ahead if they haven’t already

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53% of employees are more likely to prioritise health and wellbeing over work.

This means organizations need a new digital fabric for collaboration that brings together both digital and physical spaces. One that connects people and empowers them to balance their career and their well-being.  Organizations won’t be able to scale to this transition without a strong understanding of data.

Unilever provides their people – including individuals, managers, and leaders with data-driven, privacy-protected visibility with Microsoft Viva. These data insights help Unilever improve the employee experience and promote greater work-life balance.


The hyper-connected business

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We need that next level of real-time hyper-connectivity between businesses, and between consumers and businesses, where data and intelligence flow freely to tackle the challenges of supply and demand.​

According to our research, 80 percent of companies suffer from significant data silos. This prevents them from gaining meaningful insight to make business decisions. But by ensuring your data strategy combines the right capabilities and the right culture, you can identify opportunities, better serve customers, transform your products, empower employees, drive sustainable results and optimize operations.

Access and unify your data

The more siloed your data, the harder it is to accomplish data governance. When you harness the streams of data being created on a secure platform, enabling better decision-making and transformative processes.

Analyze, predict and orchestrate

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Once you have unified your data you can leverage AI and Machine Learning. Run big data analytics to predict customer intent to purchase and identify segments that are at risk of churning. This can help identify new, or even protect revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, create sustainable supply chains and drive a better overall quality of service.

Activate and measure

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Take these insights and democratize access through your organization. The people who will best put the data to use are the ones who deal with it day-to-day. By allowing both front and back-end employees access to that data, they can create low/no-code apps that streamline operations and deliver better customer experiences.

Heineken gives their frontline employee’s customer data insights directly on a unified platform with Azure Synapses and Dynamics 365. This enables their sellers to gain much richer insights about their customer’s preferences to deliver the best possible purchase recommendations and provide a much more tailored buying experience.



Plotinus Analytica customer experience

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Technology has shaped both the online and offline experience for customers. And the more data silos organizations have, the more frustrated the customer becomes.

A hyper-connected business can link all the customer touchpoints together to create a 360-degree view. Employees can access this, meaning they can provide the best experience to the customer, no matter the point of the journey they are on, or how they’re getting in touch. AI and Machine Learning can then help drive richer data insights that can be used to delight and build trust.

Walgreens Boots Alliance balances data and privacy to deliver more engaging and personalized experiences, to their patients and customers. By dramatically enhancing their customer personalization, they can deliver the best-tailored offers and content to the right customer, in the right context, at the right time and through the right channels across the entire journey.

Build sustainable growth with data insights

The events over the past several years have shown us that organizations that are able to connect and use their data are more robust and able to adapt to changing environments, harness potential and drive competitive advantage.​

Through empowering employees with the right culture, unifying and optimizing your data, and building the omnichannel customer experience, you can turn data insights into action.