The advent of automation has revolutionized several industries, including healthcare. But sadly, the adoption of automation in healthcare industries has been slower, primarily because of the vendor’s frequent misuse of the term. Although manual, paper-based processes lie at the core of every healthcare center’s everyday work, they actually slow down efficiency.

This has caused a range of critical errors and has put the compliance of healthcare service providers at risk. The inefficiency of healthcare operations has always resulted in the wastage of time and resources of the employees on the paper-based routine.

Thus, with the implementation of healthcare automation, healthcare units can replace their labor-intensive task with smart digital processes and rapidly improve the efficiency of their medical unit. Eventually, this results in the patients receiving better healthcare services as staff gets released from intense administrative work. Automation in the healthcare industry is, therefore, making the procedures more productive and worthwhile.

Create healthcare experiences across the entire patient journey. Securely connect people, data, and processes to build unified patient profiles, enable care coordination, and make data-driven decisions across your organization.


Transform the healthcare journey


Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides trusted, integrated capabilities that make it easier to improve the entire healthcare experience. And outcomes-focused AI solutions from Microsoft + Nuance help you innovate for the future.

Enhance patient engagement

Deliver secure personalized experiences that engage patients through every point of care.

Empower health team collaboration

Connect, engage, and manage your team with tools that help them provide the best possible care.

Improve patient-provider experiences

Help alleviate provider burnout by automatically documenting patient encounters at the point of care.

Boost clinician productivity

Enable faster documentation with accurate, responsive dictation and virtual assistant capabilities.

Protect health information

Help your organization protect and govern sensitive health data across systems, devices, apps, and cloud services.